Wilmington Day 2

Early on Day 2, we woke up and headed to the local Planet Fitness to get a workout in. Compared to ours in Lansing, this place was top-notch. The owner definitely takes pride in their business. Come on Lansing, get into the game.

With the workout in, we headed to breakfast at the Dixie Cafe. The inside was extremely colorful and the food was amazing.

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Wilmington, NC, we have arrived!

Early Tuesday morning, Meghan and I arrived at the Lansing airport, ready to start our North Carolina vacation. Can you tell we were tired?

We had a short flight at 6am to Chicago for about a 90 minute layover. It wasn’t bad though, we were able to grab a fantastic breakfast meal. Ok, well, it was just McDonalds, but at least it was filling. We also came across this dinosaur at the Chicago airport. We thought we had entered Jurassic Park.

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No longer on Facebook…

I’ve had this site for a bit now…but I haven’t figured out exactly how I wanted to put the blog together. Then I figured…well, if I just let it sit there while I’m trying to decide, it’s never going to get done. So on that note, I figured I’d just start using it.

I’m no longer on Facebook. Well that’s not entirely true. My account is technically inactive, so you can’t see my page, but even with that, I’ve still been able to use Messenger (it’s how I still communicate with some friends). Not sure how long I’ll keep that going, but for all intents and purposes, my Facebook account is no more.

I still wanted an outlet though, so I put this blog up. I won’t be sharing stupid pictures (when I share them, they will be the most awesome thing ever, ha), I won’t be asking for free lives in games, and I won’t be “liking” your posts. I’m going to try to keep with it, keep writing and posting. When I get bored with things though, it’s hard to go back to them. I’m going to try my best not to get bored with this. 😀

If you want to keep up with the life of Jesse, you’ve comes to the right place, so stay tuned…