The first illness…

I haven’t posted in a while, been too busy living life. Finished a deck this summer with my dad, trying to squeeze in some small vacation time here and there, visits with both sides of the family…and well, trying to help Riley fight off her first illness.

It all started on June 23rd, a lazy Sunday where I was just trying to feed Riley…

Riley kicking back
Riley kicking back.
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Happy Father’s Day – 2019 & First Day of Daycare

Riley and I
Riley and I

This year, Father’s Day was a bit different, as I got to celebrate being a new father. The morning started off with all of us sleeping in a bit, something I never tend to do. When Riley was awake, I brought her into the bed with me and she stared at Mr. Ceiling Fan, while telling me all about it. When Meghan came back into the room, she brought with her a present in a box. I opened the box to find a loving card from the ladies, and a book called ‘When Riley Grows Up’, a semi-custom book from (I did a little research afterward because I was curious about how it was made). It’s the story of me talking to Riley at bedtime, telling her of all the cool things she could be when she grows up. I think it will be a great book to read to her when she’s a little bit older.

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At the beginning of summer, Meghan and I made the decision to try and start a family. We have read about people having issues trying to conceive as they get up there in their 30’s, luckily we didn’t seem to have that issue. On July 11th, we got confirmation of the good news…

Positive pregnancy test.
Positive pregnancy test.

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Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day was finally here, and that meant one thing, heading to Mackinaw City for the annual family vacation. We’ve been going there nearly every year since I was a baby. My family and I always used to go with my grandparents (dad’s side), and I’m glad it’s a tradition we’ve continued even after they have gone.

Meghan and I took Friday off from work, so after packing the car up, we headed north, but not without taking our pre-trip picture.

Meghan and I in the car ready to head to Mackinaw
Meghan and I in the car ready to head to Mackinaw

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Almost like new…

Prior to settling on the idea of buying a house, I looked at building a house. The problem was that I didn’t have the necessary amount of money needed as a down payment (40% of the cost) to obtain a building loan. At that time though, whatever the house ended up being, I had the idea of wanting the house to be green with white trim. When I finally settled on the idea of buying a house, especially one with painted siding, I knew at some point I was going to be replacing it…and I still wanted to go with the original idea I had for colors.

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