Summer Project

Summer is upon us (well, ok, really we still have a few more days) and the housing projects are getting underway (to be fair, they haven’t really stopped)! Last summer the house got a new roof, and this summer it’s getting new siding.

I left work early on Friday to meet the delivery guy. Good thing I got home sooner than the time-frame I gave them for delivery, because they were actually there about 10 minutes early. With the stabilizers in place, it was time to unload my order.

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Back in the groove

It’s been a while, but I’m finally getting back into the workout groove. Little backstory…

Since about the end of January, I’ve been battling issues with my left shoulder. I don’t recall a specific time when it started hurting. There was never a moment when I felt a tear or a pop. One night I simply tried scratching my back, and I simply couldn’t get my arm in the position I needed to…it simply wouldn’t go that far, and certainly not without a lot of pain. I’ve narrowed the cause down to either overworking it in the gym, shoveling the heavy wet snow this past winter (I have a significant length of sidewalk in my front yard), or a combination of the two. As anyone would do in 2018, I went to the internet to self-diagnose. Everything I found pointed to a rotator cuff injury, so I started doing some exercises for that. After a few months, I was still in pain, so I finally went to the doctors to discuss it. His impression was the same,  and diagnosed it as a rotator cuff injury and prescribed physical therapy for it.

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