It is the year 2022 – A check-in

Wow, it’s been a while since my last blog entry. A lot has happened since the last one…let’s try to cover some of that.

Overhauling the house flooring

When I purchased this house back in 2016, I knew the flooring was eventually going to have to go. Initial pictures of the house when i found the listing showed that it had a somewhat dark brown stained hardwood flooring. When I toured the house, the current homeowner was trying to update it a bit, and decided to sand the flooring and overhaul it themselves with black stain. Upon taking ownership of the house, I literally had a weekend to seal it – the previous homeowner didn’t even get to that. In the end, its was a black hardwood floor….which would have looked OK if it had been done right, it wasn’t. So because of that, I knew I would eventually change out the flooring, and over the spring and summer of last year, I did just that. Ripped out the old and put down the new. I have a lot of photos of the process, but I’ll include just a few here.

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HTML5 doesn’t have that? Hey, there’s a custom web component for it!

I’ve been on a custom web component kick for the last few months. Why? Let’s go into some background on that…

MSU’s College of Natural Science is currently in the process of migrating from one CMS to another. The reasons for doing so I won’t go into, but the process has revealed the need for some custom functionality that won’t be in the new CMS on Day 1. At this point in time I haven’t had any training on the new CMS, that is actually coming in the next month or two, so creating custom functionality in our new system isn’t even an option for me yet. So, I’ve had to turn to custom web components.

image-card component
Image-Card Component screenshot
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