Happy Father’s Day – 2019 & First Day of Daycare

Riley and I
Riley and I

This year, Father’s Day was a bit different, as I got to celebrate being a new father. The morning started off with all of us sleeping in a bit, something I never tend to do. When Riley was awake, I brought her into the bed with me and she stared at Mr. Ceiling Fan, while telling me all about it. When Meghan came back into the room, she brought with her a present in a box. I opened the box to find a loving card from the ladies, and a book called ‘When Riley Grows Up’, a semi-custom book from HoorayHeroes.com (I did a little research afterward because I was curious about how it was made). It’s the story of me talking to Riley at bedtime, telling her of all the cool things she could be when she grows up. I think it will be a great book to read to her when she’s a little bit older.

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The story of James & Forms

When people think of web accessibility, most tend to only think about those who are blind and require a screen reader in order to navigate a website. The question that often comes to mind for website owners is, “Is my website accessible via a screen reader?”.

There are many impairments however that can affect a person’s ability to navigate a website. Some of these include:

  • Visual Impairments: low vision, color blindness
  • Hearing: deaf, heard of hearing
  • Physical: motor, speech
  • Cognitive & Neurological: learning disabilities, memory impairment, seizure disorders

Meet James…

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Two months and counting…

I’m posting this just a little late, but we’ve hit the 2 month mark (actually 10 weeks now as of posting this)!

Riley at 2 months
Riley at 2 months

Boy, if I thought the first month went quick, this one went even quicker. We’re only a week and a half away from her starting daycare full-time, and Meghan heading back to work. Not sure either of us are looking forward to that. But, we think we’ve found a good place, one that includes development programs to hit those milestones, and one that will help prepare her for the school atmosphere. I’m sure that first week is going to be a rough one…for everyone.

Over the last two months, Riley has developed a really strong neck, her doctor even commented on how strong it seemed. Rarely does she require any support while holding her, but one place where she still needs it is in her car seat. We have a car seat that works in conjunction with a jogger, so we can push her around when we are out and about. Well, often times she will fall asleep, so her big noggin likes to flop to one side or the other. Well, I’ve found a solution for that…

Riley with her head holder
Riley with her head holder

As it turns out, Boppy has a product called the “Boppy organic head and neck support” . I took out the head support that came with the car seat and installed this thing, and wow, what a difference. I’m not entirely sure Riley likes it…in this picture it looks like she’s seen things that nobody should see based on her expression, but in reality she was just getting used to the support along her head. We’ve successfully tested it in car rides and in the jogger, and it works 100%. No more floppy head!