Summer Project

Summer is upon us (well, ok, really we still have a few more days) and the housing projects are getting underway (to be fair, they haven’t really stopped)! Last summer the house got a new roof, and this summer it’s getting new siding.

I left work early on Friday to meet the delivery guy. Good thing I got home sooner than the time-frame I gave them for delivery, because they were actually there about 10 minutes early. With the stabilizers in place, it was time to unload my order.

Robotic arms…they come in handy. The guy swung the siding out and around and was able to get it right into the entry of the garage.

We had to use some muscle to get it off from the pallets and into the garage however. Where were the robots with the help on that one? The siding color is ‘Cypress’, a matte green color. I also went with white trim. I’ve seen the look on numerous houses and love it, so hopefully I’ll like it here too.

Before siding can be put on an existing house though, the fun of removing the old siding is to be had. Starting on the back of the house and working from East to West, the siding was coming off pretty well. If you look to the left of the window furthest to the right here, you’ll see a green rag sticking out. We encountered a hole in the wall that I plugged until we were able to patch it.

Now with all of the siding in the rear of the house removed. Not bad.

With the siding removed, Meghan and I started to put on the house wrap. Since we didn’t remove any siding on the end of the house, we had to leave enough house wrap at each end to wrap around the corner and overlap. Continuing from East to West, Meghan unrolled and held it in place, while I moved along with her on the ladder to nail the house wrap on with cap nails. Once the house wrap was on, I cut out the windows and door and continue to nail it off, while Meghan taped up the seams and put flashing tape up around the windows. Unfortunately we ran out of flashing tape pretty quickly, and were only able to finish 2 windows, so we will definitely need to be picking more of that up.

For those of you unaware, yesterday was in the 90’s, and we were under a ‘Heat Advisory’. We downed lots of water and Powerade. I also picked up one hell of a sunburn, but Meghan, being fair skinned, loaded up on sunblock.

When all was said and done, I looked down and saw…

I couldn’t tell if this was a sunburn, dirt, or a combination of the two. After a shower, it was definitely mostly dirt, but boy did my legs get some sun as well.

So what’s next? We need to continue with the siding removal and installation of the house wrap. The West end will be the toughest since we have to get up into the peak from a ladder (the East end we can get to from the garage roof). I think I’m going to wait a day or two yet before continuing though, let it cool down a bit out there first.

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