Stuck in the 90’s

The 90’s aren’t quite the 80’s (let’s be honest here, no decade is), but it would have to do on our adventure back in time to escape the room of a teenage girl obsessed with the movie ‘Titanic’ in 60 minutes or less.

Meghan and I had planned on attending the ‘Hot Air Jubilee’ in Jackson this past weekend. The weather forecast for the weekend wasn’t looking great, so we had some other options up our sleeve as well. We decided to head down Friday night in the hopes of catching the evening launch. When we got to Jackson, we could tell that the weather wasn’t going to permit any balloons from taking off, so we grabbed dinner at the Hunt Club. When we left, we went to my parents for the night, hoping to be able to wake up bright and early to see the morning launch.

Morning rolled around and…no dice. The rain continued. Around 11am, Meghan, my parents and I went to Vandercook and ate at Klavon’s. That place is fantastic, and will always be one of my favorite restaurants (so glad another is coming to Mason!). When we finished, my mom, Meghan and I decided to make the most of the dreary day and hit up ‘epIQ escapes‘ in Jackson. There were a number of scenarios to choose from, but we did the first of the day called, “Escape the 90’s”.

The room is set in the 1990’s (obviously). It’s that of a teenage girl, with 90’s teen idol poster all over the wall, VHS tapes and CD’s galore, video games and floppy disks abound. There was a 90’s tube TV there with the countdown timer and clues when we needed them. After a short video about our scenario, the clock started. There were a number of puzzles and locks scattered all throughout. Some were pretty easy, others took a number of helpful clues to figure out. We got down to the very last puzzle, but when time ran out, we were left locked in the room. The game master came in and let us have a few minutes to walk through the final puzzle with her to figure it out. Overall, it was a pretty fun experience. The second escape room for Meghan and I, and the first for my mom. They are opening a new “Gameshow” themed room in August…I think we may have to go back again.

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  1. I definitely want to do the game show room. Hope you don’t mind if I tag a long🤪 I have some co- workers I need to do this with too! This is my new “casino” a lot cheaper too!😜

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