Wilmington, NC, we have arrived!

Early Tuesday morning, Meghan and I arrived at the Lansing airport, ready to start our North Carolina vacation. Can you tell we were tired?

We had a short flight at 6am to Chicago for about a 90 minute layover. It wasn’t bad though, we were able to grab a fantastic breakfast meal. Ok, well, it was just McDonalds, but at least it was filling. We also came across this dinosaur at the Chicago airport. We thought we had entered Jurassic Park.

Next up, we jumped on our tiny plane to head to Wilmington. There were only 12 people on the plane, including ourselves, so we were told we could move anywhere we wanted. Meghan and I moved to the back and each had a row of seats to ourselves.

When we touched down in Wilmington, we headed to grab our luggage, and then off to the car rental counter. I had reserved a compact car because I knew we were wanting to do some driving, and I wanted to be as fuel efficient as possible. Straight out of a Seinfeld episode, they had run out of compact cars…despite the fact I had a reservation. To remedy that, they gave us a free upgrade to a 2018 Ford Expedition, loaded with all of the options. This thing was at least a $60k vehicle.

Now driving a boat that is almost too wide for the road, we headed to our Airbnb. I’ve never been a fan of staying in some random strangers place, but I was willing to give it a chance. After all, the location was right downtown and the cost per day was pretty cheap compared to a hotel.

Overall, not bad! Let out adventure begin!

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