Two months and counting…

I’m posting this just a little late, but we’ve hit the 2 month mark (actually 10 weeks now as of posting this)!

Riley at 2 months
Riley at 2 months

Boy, if I thought the first month went quick, this one went even quicker. We’re only a week and a half away from her starting daycare full-time, and Meghan heading back to work. Not sure either of us are looking forward to that. But, we think we’ve found a good place, one that includes development programs to hit those milestones, and one that will help prepare her for the school atmosphere. I’m sure that first week is going to be a rough one…for everyone.

Over the last two months, Riley has developed a really strong neck, her doctor even commented on how strong it seemed. Rarely does she require any support while holding her, but one place where she still needs it is in her car seat. We have a car seat that works in conjunction with a jogger, so we can push her around when we are out and about. Well, often times she will fall asleep, so her big noggin likes to flop to one side or the other. Well, I’ve found a solution for that…

Riley with her head holder
Riley with her head holder

As it turns out, Boppy has a product called the “Boppy organic head and neck support” . I took out the head support that came with the car seat and installed this thing, and wow, what a difference. I’m not entirely sure Riley likes it…in this picture it looks like she’s seen things that nobody should see based on her expression, but in reality she was just getting used to the support along her head. We’ve successfully tested it in car rides and in the jogger, and it works 100%. No more floppy head!


At the beginning of summer, Meghan and I made the decision to try and start a family. We have read about people having issues trying to conceive as they get up there in their 30’s, luckily we didn’t seem to have that issue. On July 11th, we got confirmation of the good news…

Positive pregnancy test.
Positive pregnancy test.

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Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day was finally here, and that meant one thing, heading to Mackinaw City for the annual family vacation. We’ve been going there nearly every year since I was a baby. My family and I always used to go with my grandparents (dad’s side), and I’m glad it’s a tradition we’ve continued even after they have gone.

Meghan and I took Friday off from work, so after packing the car up, we headed north, but not without taking our pre-trip picture.

Meghan and I in the car ready to head to Mackinaw
Meghan and I in the car ready to head to Mackinaw

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Back in the groove

It’s been a while, but I’m finally getting back into the workout groove. Little backstory…

Since about the end of January, I’ve been battling issues with my left shoulder. I don’t recall a specific time when it started hurting. There was never a moment when I felt a tear or a pop. One night I simply tried scratching my back, and I simply couldn’t get my arm in the position I needed to…it simply wouldn’t go that far, and certainly not without a lot of pain. I’ve narrowed the cause down to either overworking it in the gym, shoveling the heavy wet snow this past winter (I have a significant length of sidewalk in my front yard), or a combination of the two. As anyone would do in 2018, I went to the internet to self-diagnose. Everything I found pointed to a rotator cuff injury, so I started doing some exercises for that. After a few months, I was still in pain, so I finally went to the doctors to discuss it. His impression was the same,  and diagnosed it as a rotator cuff injury and prescribed physical therapy for it.

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No longer on Facebook…

I’ve had this site for a bit now…but I haven’t figured out exactly how I wanted to put the blog together. Then I figured…well, if I just let it sit there while I’m trying to decide, it’s never going to get done. So on that note, I figured I’d just start using it.

I’m no longer on Facebook. Well that’s not entirely true. My account is technically inactive, so you can’t see my page, but even with that, I’ve still been able to use Messenger (it’s how I still communicate with some friends). Not sure how long I’ll keep that going, but for all intents and purposes, my Facebook account is no more.

I still wanted an outlet though, so I put this blog up. I won’t be sharing stupid pictures (when I share them, they will be the most awesome thing ever, ha), I won’t be asking for free lives in games, and I won’t be “liking” your posts. I’m going to try to keep with it, keep writing and posting. When I get bored with things though, it’s hard to go back to them. I’m going to try my best not to get bored with this. 😀

If you want to keep up with the life of Jesse, you’ve comes to the right place, so stay tuned…