On the eve of the wedding…

As a wedding gift to Meghan, I got the two of us a nights stay at one of the Croquet Cottages and the English Inn (the location of our wedding).

The cottage included a gas fireplace (more on that in a bit), a Jacuzzi tub, a king bed, and a great view of the croquet field (except it was too late in the season to actually go out and play croquet!).

We couldn’t check-in till 4pm, so after getting everything around that we needed for the wedding ceremony. we loaded up the car and headed to the mall to grab a board game I had been wanting to get for the two of us to play (Pandemic Legacy Season 2 if you were wondering).

After picking up our game, we headed to the English Inn. Upon checking in, we were led to the cottage by an attendant and shown our room. Below you can see a panorama of it (click the picture to see it in larger size).

Croquet Cottage panorama
Croquet Cottage panorama

After getting settled into the room, we headed back to the restaurant located inside the Inn. My coworkers had purchased a $100 gift card for us as a wedding gift, so we splurged on dinner. For an appetizer, we got a delicious baked brie, that included blackberry coulis and crackers. I ordered a very tasty Samuel Smith Organic Cider to go with it. Meghan had to settle for water. 😁

For dinner, Meghan ordered the Risotto Florentine (but they actually ended up bringing her the wrong dish), and I ordered the Pan Roasted Chicken Breast. Each also came with a fantastic salad. While waiting for our food, I snapped a pic of the soon-to-be-wife and her baby bump.

When dinner arrived, we were hungry, so we dug in. It wasn’t about until halfway through Meghan realized they actually brought her the wrong dish, thankfully she still enjoyed what she had.

With dinner out of the way, we contemplated desert. The waiter brought around the desert tray, and we settled on a chocolate slice of deliciousness. We don’t recall exactly what the official name was, but it was a slice of chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, and you certainly can’t go wrong with that.

When we finished, we headed back to the room only to discover that the room was now smelling of gas (we had left the fireplace on). We shut the fireplace off and the smell of gas left. After trying it again, there was definitely something up with it, as the gas smell returned again to fill the room. We didn’t blow up though, so it couldn’t have been a leak, but there was certainly something wrong with the venting. We didn’t report it till the morning however, we just enjoyed it while we could.

Even though we had just finished dinner, I was already thinking about breakfast. No, not because I was still hungry, but because I was worried about the timeline of events that were to transpire the next day. Our photographer was getting there at 9am, and the breakfast that was included with our room wasn’t served until 8am, hardly leaving us with enough time to get around and get ready for pictures. On that note, we decided to go to a local grocery store, where Meghan grabbed some breakfast muffins, and I grabbed a box of Pop Tarts and a half gallon of milk for us to split.

When we got back to the room, we played the prologue to the board game that I purchased (it has a storyline to it, it’s not just about winning or losing), and then I hopped into the Jacuzzi tub for some relaxation. Meghan avoided it due to the water temperature however.  We ended the night on a high note looking forward to the wedding in the  morning.


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